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" As the Earth was threatened with severe environmental pollution and climate change,

humans around the world who were thrown into a state of poverty and disarray,

prayed eagerly to let the Earth be rich again.
The gods then awakened from their slumber to turn the Earth's time centuries into the future,

and as the humans wished, the Earth restored its abundance and beautiful nature.

Due to their exceptional materials and energy sourced metabolic systems, robots created during the peak of human science and technology, had maintained their form for centuries. However in contrast,

the animals evolved arbitrarily as a result of their own unique survival methods,

and mankind became the naive beast "Will" at the bottom of the food chain.
What stories will unfold on this planet in a completely new ecosystem where

science, myth, love, and darkness coexist? "

38. Stone Statue’s Adventure 03
" The stone statue wanted new friends however 
the Wills saw him as an enemy that had trespassed into their territory. "

37. Mr. Cat's Day
" Mr. Cat devours the Wills using the end of his sticky tail. "

36. The Eminently Lovely Flower 03
" The Eminently Lovely Flower has finally bloomed..! "

35. The Eminently Lovely Flower 02
" This lovely flower bud is getting ready to grow abundantly and bloom. "

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